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Hotel in Milos
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Hotel Milos

May we introduce ourselves?
       Katerina and Vangeli


We are a greek-german couple, getting to know each other just when we were small children in 1974. We became friends for a lot of years, then a couple in 1990 and last but not least husband and wife in 1998.

But already a long time before our marriage, we started in 1992 to work with the tourism, opening a restaurant in Adamas. Following by our car rental "HAPPY RIDE" in 1996, "HOTEL THALASSITRA" in 1998 and the ouzerie "FOUFOU" in 2005. Of course it needed hard work to manage building up these businesses, but now we are very happy to get along with them. We are very glad to get in contact by this way with so many different people who are guests on the beautiful island of Milos and we will give our best to make their holidays unique and unforgetable.

If you would like to have further informations about Hotel Thalassitra or Milos island in general, please don't hesitate to contact us. We will try to find answers to any of your questions!

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